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-Scott Saunders, Distinguished Fellow, UTSW Medical Center

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Microbiology and synthetic biology depend on reverse genetic approaches to manipulate bacterial genomes; however, existing methods require molecular biology to generate genomic homology, suffer from low efficiency, and are not easily scaled to high throughput applications. To overcome these limitations, we developed a system for creating kilobase-scale genomic modifications that uses DNA oligonucleotides to direct the integration of a non-replicating plasmid. This method, Oligonucleotide Recombineering followed by Bxb-1 Integrase Targeting (ORBIT) was pioneered in Mycobacteria, and here we adapt and expand it for E. coli. Our redesigned plasmid toolkit achieved significantly higher efficiency than λ Red recombination and enabled precise, stable knockouts (<134 kb) and integrations (<11 kb) of various sizes. Additionally, we constructed multi-mutants (double and triple) in a single transformation, using orthogonal attachment sites. At high throughput, we used pools of targeting oligonucleotides to knock out nearly all known transcription factor and small RNA genes, yielding accurate, genome-wide, single mutant libraries. By counting genomic barcodes, we also show ORBIT libraries can scale to thousands of unique members (>30k). This work demonstrates that ORBIT for E. coli is a flexible reverse genetic system that facilitates rapid construction of complex strains and readily scales to create sophisticated mutant libraries.

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SRA raw sequencing data

Experiment Library Name Run ID and Link Size
galK barcodes galK_BC16N SRR25076308 123 Mb
IDT oPool - left junction oPool_J1 SRR25076307 8.3 Mb
Twist short TF deletions - left junction short_TF_J1 SRR25076303 25 Mb
Twist long TF deletions - left junction long_TF_J1 SRR25076301 16 Mb
Twist small RNA deletions - left junction small_RNA_J1 SRR25076299 18 Mb
IDT oPool - right junction oPool_J2 SRR25076304 15 Mb
Twist short TF deletions - right junction short_TF_J2 SRR25076302 43 Mb
Twist long TF deletions - right junction long_TF_J2 SRR25076300 39 Mb
Twist small RNA deletions - right junction small_RNA_J2 SRR25076298 30 Mb
Twist short TF oligo abundance short_TF_oligos SRR25076297 45 Mb
Twist long TF oligo abundance long_TF_oligos SRR25076306 27 Mb
Twist small RNA oligo abundance small_RNA_oligos SRR25076305 42 Mb